Install google chrome on centos

This howto explains howto install Google Chrome Web browser on Fedora 17/16/15/14/13/12, CentOS 6.3/6.2/6.1/6 and Red Hat (RHEL) 6.3/6.2/6.1/6. Best way to install and keep up-to-date with Google Chrome browser is use Google’s own YUM repository.

Enable Google YUM repository

Add following to /etc/yum.repos.d/google-chrome.repo file:

name=google-chrome - 32-bit


name=google-chrome - 64-bit

Note: Both 32-bit and 64-bit repos can be placed in the same file.

Install Google Chrome with YUM (as root user)

Install Google Chrome Stable Version

## Install Google Chrome Stable version ##
yum install google-chrome-stable

Install Google Chrome Beta Version

## Install Google Chrome Beta version ##
yum install google-chrome-beta

Install Google Chrome Unstable Version

## Install Google Chrome Unstable version ##
yum install google-chrome-unstable

Google Chrome Unstable Web Browser on Fedora 15 64-bit with 32-bit Flash and Oracle Java plugin

Fedora 15 64 bit Google Chrome with Adobe Flash and Oracle Java

Google Chrome Beta Web Browser on Fedora 12

Fedora 12 Google Chrome Beta

Google Chrome Unstable Web Browser on Red Hat (RHEL) 6

Red Hat 6 (rhel) Google Chrome Unstable

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