Install Apache, MySQL, PHP di centos

1. Install web server (apache)

yum groupinstall “Web Server”
chkconfig –levels 235 httpd on
service httpd start

2. Install mysql+mysql server

yum install mysql mysql-server
chkconfig –levels 235 mysqld on
service mysqld start

3. Install php

yum install php

4. Install module mysql for php

yum install php-mysql

5. Restart apache

service httpd restart

Install PhpMyAdmin

Download PhpMyAdmin


tar -zxvf phpMyAdmin-3.3.6-all-languages.tar.gz

mv phpMyAdmin-3.3.6-all-languages /var/www/html/phpmyadmin

Berhubung PhpMyAdmin 3.3.6 minimal membutuhkan PHP versi 5.2 sedangkan default Centos web server pakai PHP 5.1.6, maka  harus update instalasi php.


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