NAST – Network Analyzer Sniffer Tool

Provided by: nast_0.2.0-6build1_i386 bug


       nast - Network Analyzer Sniffer Tool

       nast  [-G]  [-i  interface]  [-l  filename] [-f filter] [--ld filename]


       Nast is a packet sniffer  and  a  LAN  analyzer  based  on  Libnet  and

       It  can  sniff  in  normal mode or in promiscuous mode the packets on a
       network interface and log it.  It dumps the headers of packets and  the
       payload  in  ascii  or  ascii-hex  format.  You can apply a filter. The
       sniffed data can be saved in a separated file.

       As analyzer tool, it has many features like:
              * Build LAN hosts list
              * Follow a TCP-DATA stream
              * Find LAN Internet gateways
              * Discover promiscuous nodes
              * Reset an established connection
              * Perform a single half-open portscanner
              * Perform a multi half-open portscanner
              * Find link type (hub or switch)
              * Catch daemon banner of LAN nodes
              * Control ARP answers to discover possible ARP-spoofing
              * Byte counting with an optional filter
              * Write reports logging

       It also provides a new ncurses interface.

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Apa perbedaan QR Code dengan Barcode dan Cara Kerjanya

QR adalah singkatan dari Quick Response, sementara Code nya adalah Kode. Jadi, secara harafiah, kalau QR Code diartikan dalam bahasa Indonesia, berarti Kode Respon Cepat. Dari segi bentuk, QR Code berbeda dari Barcode (yang biasanya berbentuk batang-batang lurus yang tidak beraturan lebarnya). QR code berbentuk persegi empat, dengan tiga kotak kecil berwarna hitam di ketiga ujungnya (bukan keempat ujungnya).

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ECC and Registered Memory


Confused about memory features such as “ECC”, “registered” and “unbuffered”? The truth is that these features don’t make a lot of sense for most PC users – non-ECC unbuffered memory is the most common choice (and the only choice most of the time for consumer motherboards). Keep in mind, however, that these advanced memory features (ECC and registered memory) can be useful or even necessary for certain users/applications.

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No IP address on VMware running centos 7

You have to activate the interface. One way of doing that is with Network Manager’s utility nmtui.

Open nmtui with:

$ sudo nmtui

And you’ll get a text based interface like this:

enter image description here

Navigate by using TAB and ENTER.

In nmtui you can activate your interface, edit connection’s and set hostname.

After you’re done, restart network with:

$ sudo systemctl restart network

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Video Tutorial Codeigniter – Menurut Codeigniter adalah salah satu framework yang banyak diminati khususnya di indonesia, hal ini dikarenakan banyak software di indonesia yang dikembangkan menggunakan codeigniter jadi para vendor tetap mencari developer yang menguasai codeigniter untuk terus mengembangkan atau memelihara software buatan mereka. Continue reading